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Seniors on the Move & Tech Savvy Seniors

CFLC provides a safe, welcoming community for the area's seniors for the past 7 years with funding from the Department of Aging. The center serves as a hub for information on health, wellness, voting, housing, and legal issues. The center provides sewing machines, instructors, and exercise classes with a personal trainer, as well as offers lunches, dinners, and holiday meals for delivery to seniors at home. The center hosts bingo nights and organizes concerts, shopping trips, meals at local restaurants and outings to museums. The group is a combination of members of the First Central Baptist Church and members of the community who are looking for a place of vitality in their golden years.

Tuesdays, 10AM - 2PM: Seniors on the Move

Thursdays, 10 AM - 2PM: Tech Savvy Seniors

For more information, please email Samuel Dennis,

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