The Central Family Life Center, Inc. (CFLC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives and environment of Staten Island residents. The CFLC was established in 1979 under the aegis of the First Central Baptist Church, led by Rev. Dr. Calvin Rice, and it continues today under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Demetrius Carolina. The 10,000 square foot facility is the only minority-led community center of its kind of Staten Island, and it houses many critical social services programs for the borough's diverse residents.


The mission of The Central Family Life Center is to provide Staten Island individuals including children, seniors, at-risk youth and families of varying backgrounds with the needed services, programs and opportunities to improve their overall well-being.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide our diverse communities with opportunities to rebuild and improve their quality of life. Our goal is to promote self-reliant, emotionally and physically balanced environments through programming focused on education, training, counseling, job placement, leadership, and much more. We seek to partner with all groups, organizations, and agencies that will help to accomplish our mission.