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The Central Family Life Center’s -TEAM VOCA - Victims Of Crime Advocates Initiative -  

The sad reality of the times is that the number of victims impacted by crime has increased, the good news is that TEAM VOCA has hit the ground running, helping victims of crime bridge the gaps and avoid the pitfalls that prevent them (victims) from getting needed services in a timely manner.

The Victims of Crime Advocates (VOCA) Initiative provides services and support for Crime Victims and their families.  The VOCA Initiative delivers compassionate, individualized assistance to residents of Staten Island who have suffered the trauma of victimization. VOCA provides comprehensive supportive and referral services and promotes recovery and resilience through Crisis Counseling, Advocacy, Emergency Shelter, Civil Legal Assistance, Relocation Assistance, Transportation, Safety Planning. VOCA will also connect ELIGIBLE victims to the NYS Office of Victim Services (OVS) for Compensation Services, such as Financial Assistance,  Reimbursement,  Funeral and Burial Expenses, Lost Wages and Support.                                  

For additional information and services contact The VOCA Initiative  or 718-273-8414 Ext.315.  

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